Bedgrove Residents & Community Association Survey

The Bedgrove Residents & Community Association (BRCA) are considering extending our area of coverage and would like to get residents views on the following.

At present the BRCA encompasses around 2000 homes on that part of the estate originally developed by the builders 'Janes'.

The roads at present covered by the BRCA are represented on local issues/disputes etc by the committee and also receive a newsletter twice a year in April and October. We do not currently charge for membership.
Adding new roads will have cost implications for printing an additional 600 newsletters twice a year.
The present situation is the Association is losing ~£1,000 a year and our savings are depleting. We are looking into fundraising eg the Vale lottery (please see our homepage)

The BRCA committee are looking at the feasibility of extending our area to include some roads not covered at present and whose residents may feel unrepresented by being outside of the Janes built roads.

The roads we are looking at including are listed below and we are keen to get all residents views on this proposed change.
We realise that not everyone has access to computers and are looking at ways to engage with all residents.

Proposed extension to include:
Craigwell Avenue - Middle Road - Regent Road - Limes Avenue - Northumberland Avenue - Howard Avenue - Windermere Close - Kendal Close - Westmorland Avenue
(see map below)

Apologies if we have missed your road, please email us to see if this is an oversight.
Results of the survey will be published on this website in due course.

1. Do you live in a road at present covered by the BRCA and receive the twice yearly newsletter ?
Yes    No   

2. Do you live in one of the roads we are considering extending our area to cover ?
Yes    No   

3. Do you think enlarging the BRCA area is a good idea ?
Yes    No   

4. Were you aware of the BRCA and the work carried out on behalf of the estate ?
Yes    No   

5. The newsletters are distributed by a loyal band of volunteers. If the proposed changes are adopted, would you be willing to help deliver the twice yearly newsletter       ( either a few houses, one side of a road, complete road etc ) ?
Yes    No   

6. Please supply contact details if you answered 'Yes' to the question above

7. Please feel free to make any comments here on the proposed changes