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Want or need help, want to help ? - We have a dedicated team of volunteers, please click Here

Aylesbury Garden Town are running a competition (open to all residents of Buckinghamshire, over the age of 16).

All information, guidance documents, entry form, terms and conditions and privacy note can be found here:\parkletcomp

To coincide with this event, AVDC are worked with the Rotary Club,Vale Countryside Volunteers, The Chiltern Rangers.

The wooded area to the south of the park was extended by planting 600+ trees, extending the area planted around 4 years ago (see map). Tree planting took place on -

• Wednesday 27th November - Vale Countryside Volunteers
• Friday 29th November - Chiltern Rangers with a group of school children
• Saturday 30th November - Rotary Club of Aylesbury and members of the Bedgrove Residents Association Click here for photos

Proposal to extend the area covered by the Bedgrove Residents Association - Have Your Say.
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Community Impact's aim is to provide transport for local Aylesbury residents in need who are unable to access the bus, driven by a team of volunteers in their own cars, who take people on trips to the doctor’s surgery, hospital and dentist appointments.

Many calls are made every week to the Community Transport Hub helpline and there is not a single scheme to offer Aylesbury residents since Dial a Ride, British Red Cross and Royal Voluntary Service all stopped operating transport schemes in the area.
There are no set hours or days for volunteering, it fits around your availability.

In addition to references and a DBS (police) checks, you need to have a driving licence and a car. (Please check your insurance cover)
Our volunteer drivers can claim 45 pence per mile for all journeys undertaken on behalf of the scheme, and any parking costs.

Once registered and checked, the scheme co-ordinator (which will be Helen Archer here at Community Impact Bucks - Email: Telephone: 01844 348833) will contact you when a passenger needs a lift to see if you are available to help.

Some volunteers like to do one trip a week, others can manage one a month. • Some volunteers work part-time so are only available certain days of the week and some volunteers are only available at certain times of the year or only in school holidays or during term time.

• Your commitment can be as much or as little as you like. Please get in touch if you can help

Great new's for Bedgrove.
I have just been to a meeting of The Bucks Transport User Group
( together with some lovely Bedgrove residents ) and am happy to report that as of July 29th,
Red Rose will be trialing a bus service No 7 which will service Welbeck & Ingram etc
running both ways off peak between 9.30 - 4.00 approximately, Mon-Sat.

Full details of this new route should be available online in a couple of weeks.
Arriva will continue to run the 8/8A etc so this is a welcome addition for residents.

It is so nice to report good news for a change.
Phil Droy.

Update from Julie Ward & Mark Winn:

Dear All,

Over the last few months Cllr Mark Winn and I have been working with operators and Bucks County Council to restore a bus service to parts of Bedgrove following Arriva's decision last year to make changes to the no.8 route. I am contacting you personally as you took the time to write to us with your concerns on this matter.

Although we have not issued a formal statement on the matter yet, given your express interest we wanted to inform you of the following;

Regarding the bus changes, Arriva are changing their Service 8 timetable to reintroduce Welbeck Avenue to their route after 9:00, this will start from 29th July. At the same time Redline buses have announced they are starting a new service called Service 7 running every 30 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays serving Aylesbury town centre, Narbeth Drive, Welbeck Avenue and Cam Mead and also Stoke Mandeville Hospital. This also starts from 29th July.

If there is any other matter we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Wishes

Julie & Mark
Cllr Julie Ward
Conservative Councillor representing Aylesbury East Division Buckinghamshire County Council, Oakfield & Bierton Aylesbury Vale District Council. AVDC Cabinet Member for Civic Amenities

Cllr Mark Winn
Conservative Councillor representing Bedgrove Ward Aylesbury Vale District Council and Aylesbury Town Council. AVDC Cabinet Member for Communities.

We have received a kind request from Steve Davis:

The Chilterns Conservation Board urges the public NOT to feed red kites.
They should be left to feed naturally in the wider countryside, thus enabling them to find a naturally sustainable level.
Red kites can survive well in the Chilterns without artificial feeding, so it is not necessary to supplement their diet.
It is feared that providing too much additional food can prevent the population from spreading naturally and cause the birds to cluster in large numbers where food is offered.

Please Do NOT Feed The Red Kites!
For more infomation on Red Kites:

Works have commenced to improve the training courts at Bedgrove Park.
Works will include resurfacing, improved fencing, socketed tennis equipment and line marking.
Works will also involve the removal of 4 trees located to the back of the courts (2 within the Park and 2 located within the Acorn house back garden) to avoid any further subsidence to the newly surfaced training courts.
Over the autumn/winter 180 whips were planted within the Spinney (with the help of the Rotary Club and local councillors) and a further 10 trees in the wider park.
The duration of the works is expected to last approximately 7-8 weeks, this includes a 4 week curing period on the asphalt surfacing prior to line marking.
Notices will be put up on-site informing park users of the works.
For further infomation please contact:
Christopher Ashton
Parks Officer
Aylesbury Vale District Council
The Gateway,
Aylesbury, Bucks. HP19 8FF
Tel: (01296) 585668
For all enquiries regarding contracted Horticultural & Street Cleansing Services please visit:

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a defibrillator at Jansel Square - NOW operational
This has been made possible through funding you have provided us over recent years and is located on the back wall of the doctors surgery towards Martins & Costa.
So feel free to give yourselves a big pat on the back !

Aerial Photos & Video Added 9th October 2018
Click here to spot landmarks
and possibly your home

Currently, the courts are left unused, neglected, and falling into a poor state of repair.
The proposal
Following the closure of the Bedgrove Park training courts located to the rear of the community centre, it's proposed the courts will be resurfaced and marked out for tennis, providing three courts in total.
In order to avoid the administration cost of a booking system and to promote health and well being, these will be provided free of charge to use.
A fair usage policy will be put in place through on-site signage.
Any groups e.g. boot camps or tennis trainers, wishing to book the courts will still be able to arrange this via AVDC's Events Team, for which there may be a charge.
The court nearest to the Community Centre could be separately fenced off, enabling it to be used solely by Community Centre customers when required e.g. the pre-school. This separate court could also be marked out for informal netball practice, should there be a demand.
This project will require the removal of two trees in close proximity to the courts in order to prevent potential future root damage, however, these will be replaced with 6 trees at suitable locations further away from the courts, so as to ensure an overall net gain in tree numbers.
If anyone has any questions on the above more than happy to try and answer them or to seek info from the team at AVDC.
Kind Regards,
Cllr Mark Winn
AVDC Cabinet Member for Communities
Representing Bedgrove Ward
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